Editor's Note

Golden Eye Media & Golden Theatres are proud to bring you our latest issue of Bollywood Movies Of The Month Magazine.
Bollywood fans throughout Toronto now have previews, highlights, gossip and release dates on all the latest Bollywood hits to hit theatres every month in one place.

Targeting the young and old with its glossy cover and Bollywood content, this magazine is sure to stand out from the crowd and be read by thousands of South Asians every month.  Unlike many weekly publications, our monthly magazine has a longer shelf life, which also helps keep our advertisers in the limelight for a longer period.

Bollywood Movies of the Month magazine is distributed free at over 300 locations in the Greater Toronto Area, ranging from South Asian grocery stores, DVD shops, Indian restaurants and plazas.  Individual copies are also handed out at all major South Asian events across the GTA.

The Magazine is also the first and only magazine to actually be handed out with each movie ticket purchased at our Bollywood theatres, the Albion & Woodside Cinemas in Toronto!  Ensuring your ad gets directly in the hands of thousands of captive South Asians every month!

With a distribution like no other print media in Toronto, now is your chance to advertise in a publication that will stand out from the rest and ensure maximum exposure to the ever large and growing South Asian market in Toronto.  Call us today get your business in our Bollywood magazine or on the big screen at our Bollywood theatres.


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